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I formulated Gundry MD Shield with these 9 cutting-edge ingredients specifically to…
– nourish your gut lining (helps prevent “Leaky Gut”)
– form a protective barrier in your GI tract
– help make bathroom habits more “regular”
– support your immune system
– help your body process protein for energy
– reduce your overall appetite
– help relieve joint discomfort
…and help you get the body you want, the energy you deserve, and the vitality you know is inside – just waiting to break free*.
*individual results may vary

For many years now, understanding the effects of toxicity has been a passion project of mine. I’ve seen the damage have done to my patients firsthand – and I know what’s at stake.
But since I developed this product and began encouraging a lectin free diet, I’ve seen so many patients at my clinic experience incredible breakthroughs in weight loss, heart health, and immune function.

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