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: What You CAN and CANNOT Drink- Thomas DeLauer… All right, so you're trying out intermittent fasting, or maybe you're doing a prolonged fast for a little bit more of an extended time period. The fact is, you might be a little bit confused as to what's going to actually break your fast and what is not going to break your fast, particularly in the world of liquids. You see, liquids are kind of ambiguous with fasting because we automatically assume that because it's liquid, it's not food, therefore because it's not food, we have a hard time fathoming what's going to actually break our fast or not.

I wanted to clear it up. So many people ask questions, and if we actually just put it in a simple yes or no checkbox, it'll help you out. It'll help you get through your fasting period in a more effective way, but you'll still also know that things that you can implement to help you get through the day so fascinating isn't quite so difficult. Literally as we go through, I'm going to give it either a green check mark or a red X and I'm going to help you know what's going to work for you.
If you're going to have coffee, it needs to just be black. You can add some stevia to it, but do not add any sugar. Do not add anything that has a caloric value. So for the most part, creamers are a no go, sugars area no go.

Well, let's talk about bulletproof coffee for a second. This is a big one. Drum roll, what's it going to be? Here is where people really get confused, and this is a question that comes up so often. Bulletproof coffee, is it fasting safe, and it is, not fast and safe. Similar to how we talk about the creamers, bulletproof coffee is just this confusing aura in the fasting community. The reason is because so many people have touted bulletproof coffee as something that will help your fast.

They're like, "Oh, it's got MCTs, it's got coconut oil, it's got ghee in there. It's going to help you burn more fat." No, huge correction, you need to know this. Bulletproof coffee is phenomenal if you're on a . But, bulletproof coffee does not lend itself to fasting. You know how many calories are in a cup of bulletproof coffee? We're talking like 300, sometimes 400 calories. That's a lot of calories. That by no way is fasting safe unless you were doing some form of a liquid fast, which we can talk about at a different time. I've done videos on that too.

Now, when it comes down to black tea and green tea, you are good to go. So, yes on black and yes on green. Now, here's the cool thing. You guys probably know Jason Fung, right? He does a lot of YouTube videos in the world of fastening, Dr Jason Fung. He's just amazing in the world of fastening. He came out with this stuff, Pique Tea Crystals. They sent me some and I told him that I would put them in a video because these things are awesome.

Bone broth or broth in general has calories and it's a food. You want to use it to break your fast, but don't treat it as a fasting friendly liquid because it has calories. And, it has collagen which is a protein, which has a pretty good metabolic effect on the body. So, it's very good and you break your fast because it helps heal your gut lining, but you don't want it during your fast. So unfortunately, broth is a no go during the fast.

Spices and oils. The reason I put this is because people ask a lot of questions like, can I add ginger to my tea? Can I add cayenne to my ACV drink? All that. Spices, yes, you're good to go. I'm cool with that. Oils, no, don't add any oils. People want to add like peppermint oil and things like that to their coffee. Nah, you're talking calories there so avoid that. Again, I have to give it a two here.

So, soda is a gray area, but if you go with one that's sweetened with stevia, monk fruit, and unfortunately as much as I hate to say it, aspartame, you're probably fine. See, aspartame technically it doesn't elicit an insulin response. As much as I hate the stuff, I'm also being honest with you guys. You're probably okay if you have a coke or something. So, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to give it a green check mark, but I'm not happy about it.

I hope that this sums it up. This is a pretty clear outline of where I see questions come in all the time. You probably have some more. Feel free to put them down in the comment sections below. What I'll do is probably do a follow up video on some of the other ones that come in through the comment section.