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Dr. answers helpful questions from his viewers about diet and . In today's episode, Dr. answers the questions: " Are pomegranate seeds safe to eat?" And "is any dried fruit acceptable? are some better than others?"

People the world over have known about the pomegranate and its potential benefits for centuries. That’s why so many cultures celebrate this power fruit.

Throughout history, the pomegranate has been revered. Many have called it the Fruit of the Gods. It has also been a famous symbol of fertility and abundance. In other words, it’s a rockstar among fruit.

Research has validated what those throughout history suspected. The pomegranate might have major health benefits.
Dr. explains that not all seeds are bad! gives a list of good seeds we should eat more of and bad seeds. Keep watching to find out where pomegranate seeds are on the list.
As for dried fruit, the same things apply here. Some dried fruits are better than others. That being said you must be careful to eat dried fruits in small amounts and in moderation.

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