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Vegetable gardening is enjoyed by many individuals around the world. Not only is it a satisfying hobby, but it also helps to produce healthy foods in your own backyard. One of the most popular foods grown at home is tomatoes, and tomato plants are said to produce fruit that is superior and more delicious than those bought in grocery stores. We all know that tomatoes are an extremely healthy fruit that offer a number of different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so having them in your diet is a great way to promote your overall health.

Tomatoes grown in your home garden are said to be more tasty and sweet then purchased ones. However, there is a tip that many individuals with home gardens are using to get their tomatoes even sweeter every single year. This tip utilizes easy to find, normal , which is then added to your own tomato plants!

These gardeners are sprinkling a small amount of , less than a 1/4 per plant, around the soil of the tomato plants, without getting any on the the plant itself. Some are even adding 1 tsp of per gallon of water and watering the plants this way. Sprinkle the on the soil of the plants when the tomatoes are about 1 inch in diameter, and then do this again when they are about half grown.

Why are even experienced gardeners adding baking soda to their tomato plants? It is said that the baking soda absorbs into the soil which then works to lower the acidity levels. By lowering the acidity levels in the soil, this will give the tomatoes a more sweet taste, rather than being tart.

When just beginning this clever gardening tip, be careful with young tomato plants and also try it on just one plant before you try it on your entire tomato crop. This is recommended because if your soil is already fairly alkaline, by adding the baking soda, you could be altering the soil too much, creating a less desirable fruit.

Baking soda has long been used to improve people’s gardens in many other ways as well, such as keeping cut flowers fresh longer, to control pests such as slugs and worms and also to eliminate crabgrass. Hopefully by using this tip, your tomato plants to bear delicious and great tasting fruit that you can enjoy this season and all future seasons as well.

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